We love all the love that's been shown to the parks for the past week. Thank you to everyone who submitted a Round One bracket. Round Two starts today. Submit your Round Two bracket here to be entered in the next raffle. And now the winners of the Round One raffle are . . .

Stephanie Kraft wins a book of her choice from Anderson Design Group.

Stephanie chose iconic Yosemite to win. Yosemite beat Pinnacles with an overwhelming 94.8% of the votes compared to Pinnacles’ modest 5.2%. As one Californian commented, “I was first upset Pinnacles and Yosemite were matched together. Both are fantastic parks. But this bracket has showed me I am not familiar with as many parks as I thought I was!”

James Burney wins two National Park Geek stainless steel carabiner mugs.

James chose Mount Rainier to win it all. In case you missed it, see our interview with Darius Nabors, Parks Channel Chief Bracketologist, in which he shares how he approached making the Parks Madness bracket, and why he gave Mount Rainier a number two seed.

Ashlynn Piwowarczyk wins a hat from the Parks Channel.

Ashlynn chose Rocky Mountain National Park to win it all. Fan favorite RMNP was in the top five with 91% of the votes, coming in behind Yosemite and Zion (both with 95%) and Acadia (92%), and just ahead of Great Smokies with 90%.

Alexander Pease wins a copy of Linda Mohammad’s new book The National Parks Bucket List.

Alexander chose Zion to win it all, and with 95% of the vote, it’s very possible. Some of the Round Two matchups are pretty tough. Here’s a rundown of all the winners including a few upsets. Hello Haleakala!

Round Two

Round Two begins today and ends April 2. Enter your Round Two bracket here. Raffle winners from Round Two will win Parks Channel swag, products from National Park Geek, the Anderson Design Group, the Bucket List Traveler, and new for this round Parks Project. All entries will also receive a 10% one-time discount code to the Anderson Design Group store.

Thanks for playing!

Bonus Content: Here are some of our favorite comments from Round One

Our Parks Madness bracket was meticulously crafted, pitting iconic parks against each other in an East vs. West showdown. From the majestic peaks of Glacier to the sun-kissed cliffs of Zion, the match-ups were fierce. The seeding was at times controversial, and judging by the comments, there were more than a few “upsets”.

  • Those poor Midwest parks don’t stand a chance . . .
  • All entries are winners for the US!
  • Great idea! My first trip to Yellowstone was 73 (not a typo) years ago. It has always been my favorite National Park, and definitely my Happy Place. I still visit every year.
  • Acadia is a powerhouse. This is their year!
  • Acadia v. Gateway Arch feels like UCONN – Stetson. Feels almost unfair to put them on the same court.
  • North Cascades was snubbed!
  • Channel Islands and Lassen Volcanic are hidden gems, but won’t last through the first round because of the parks they’re up against.
  • Bryce vs Black Canyon of the Gunnison was a tough one!
  • Zion v Indiana Sand Dunes is like Virginia playing UMBC in 2018. No way a 1 seed could lose in the first round to a 16 seed, never happened, never will. Oops…..
  • Both Katmai and volcanoes have things that can kill you, grizzly, bears and lava, respectively. The unbelievably harnessed power of mother earth in Hawaii volcanoes national Park is something that most other parks cannot compete with, and as a celebration of nature, a park that literally celebrates a Phenomenon that creates new land and habitat, should at least make it out of the first round.
  • White sands vs great sand dunes was cruel.
  • Channel Islands doesn’t stand a chance against Crater Lake since many people don’t know it exists and it could’ve done better against many other parks. Same with Lassen Volcanic and Sequoia.
  • North Cascades vs. Grand Tetons was very difficult for me because those are my top 2 parks.
  • Love it – thanks for doing this! Hard choices across the board. I wish there could be more than one winner!
  • Making me pick between Congaree and Badlands was f*$#ed up.
  • Bryce vs Black Canyon of the Gunnison was a tough one!
  • Joshua Tree v Olympic is a shocker of a first round matchup! Lassen deserves better as does Big Bend and Teddy Roosevelt. Congaree is so underrated and I personally think Zion & Acadia are great but overrated. Mt Rainier as a #2 is high high high!
  • Absolutely love this! Our parks need more attention!

Featured photo of Glacier National Park by Grant Eaton