Who is the...


In 2015 a design professor and amateur photographer set up an Instagram page to share his shots of national parks.

Early in his career he had studied with Milton Glaser, the legendary designer who created the "I Love NY" logo.

Inspired by Teddy Roosevelt, he designed a brand for his Instagram persona and started reposting images he liked.

Soon, getting reposted by the National Park Geek became "a thing" and his follower numbers soared.

Today the National Park Geek community is 736,000 strong, dedicated to celebrating and preserving America's treasures.

This is Daniel Gross, with his wife Jacqui and daughter Abigail. Tragically, Danny died in December 2021 after suffering a sudden, massive heart attack. He was just 55 years old.

The National Park Geek community lives on, inspired by Danny's devotion to exploration and sharing.